Walking Safaris

An Authentic Safari Experience

A traditional safari experience is to completely immerse oneself in the wilderness on foot.

The Okavango Delta is perfect for walking, consisting of a series of delta islands with open plains where game can easily be seen. From ants to buffalo, a bird's nest to tracking wild dogs, you will learn from experienced walking guides the many facets of the bush.

No vehicles are involved, and this, along with our working in partnership with the local community, guarantees a genuinely environmentally-friendly safari.

There is no set itinerary and the location of the camp is dependent on water levels and wildlife movements. However, every location is exquisite with plentiful choice of shady tree-lined islands.

Watching an elephant on a walking safari
Wild dog pack

On Foot Through Botswana

Botswana Walking Safari

To walk through the African bush absorbing every sound, following the spoor of the wildlife that has recently moved through and with every sense on high alert is an experience that will grab your attention.

Nothing compares to the feeling of exploring the diversity of life around us, than on foot.